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What Causes Hair Loss?

⁕ Genetics
⁕ Stress
⁕ Nutritional Deficiencies
⁕ Age
⁕ Hormone Imbalances
⁕ Chronic Diseases
⁕ And More

How can Balance Medical and Rehab help with my Hair Loss?

⁕ Our office is offering Hair Restoration procedures using Platelet Rich Plasma and/or Regenerative Tissue Products
⁕ We combine this with specific post-care instructions and supplement support for optimal hair growth results.

What is Hair Restoration?

⁕ Process of utilizing platelet rich plasma (PRP) and/or regenerative tissue products to trigger natural hair growth.
⁕ PRP is a three-step process in which a person’s blood is drawn, processed, and then injected back into the body.
⁕ The procedure involves using small needles and a micro-needling device to prick the skin to deliver PRP and/or regenerative products to the hair follicles. The treatment causes blood supply to the hair follicles to increase.
⁕ This process is minimally invasive, and takes about an hour in the office.

How long will it take for results after Hair Restoration?

⁕ Hair takes time to grow. Typically, hair growth can be seen in 3 months, depending upon the extent of the hair loss and the health of the person undergoing treatment. If a regenerative product is used, this may occur sooner.
⁕ Treatment is performed in a series—generally once every 3 months for 4 treatments.

Who is NOT a Candidate for Hair Restoration Treatment?

⁕Patients under 22 years of age
⁕Patients with open Face Wounds
⁕Certain Skin Diseases
⁕Current Cancer Diagnosis
⁕History of Keloid scarring
⁕Current tobacco use
⁕Low Platelet Count
⁕ Low Blood Count

How do I find out more about Hair Restoration at Balance Medical and Rehab?

Contact our office at – 731-686-8636

This safe and effective procedure is performed in our office by our nurse practitioner who has completed training in hair restoration through the Aestra Institute in Tampa, FL.